Kim Walker and Dick Stroud met in Japan at a conference about the business opportunities resulting from global ageing. They heard lots of theory but little tangible tactical advice.

This lack of practical advice seemed like a huge business opportunity so they decided to work together. This web site explains the results of their partnership.

Marketing to the Ageing Consumer: a book based on the most comprehensive analysis of how physical ageing impacts all aspects of marketing. The AF Tool: uses an iPad app and a Web application to enable organizations to evaluate their customer touchpoints. LifeTime CX™ consultancy services provide tactical advice to enable companies to optimize their Customer Experience to be responsive to all ages of customers.

This knowledge base is used by Kim and Dick as the foundation for their consultancy companies based in Europe and Asia.

Kim Walker

Kim Walker

CEO Silver Group

An Australian by birth, Kim spent most of his career in the advertising industry holding top management positions with global agencies in Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo and across the Asia Pacific region.

Kim now runs Silver, a Customer Experience consultancy based on the LifeTime CX model.

In addition he retains directorships of a number of ventures including the relationship evaluation company company Aprais, which he founded.

Dick Stroud

Dick Stroud

Managing Director 20plus30

Dick’s early career was as a marketer working for IBM and PA Management Consultants. His first book, Internet Strategies was a pioneering textbook about digital business theory.

In partnership with the advertising ageing, Omnicom, Dick Stroud authored The 50-Plus Market the leading marketing book about older consumers. His company, 20plus30, is based in the UK and provides services to help companies adapt their Customer Experience to the changing physical nature of their customers.

In addition to consulting, Dick was a visiting lecturer at the London and Southampton Business Schools.