Marketing to the Ageing Consumer

During the next two decades older consumers will be the primary drivers of consumer expenditure in Asia Pacific, Europe and the US. Older people have one thing in common – they are all experiencing physical ageing that will profoundly influence what and how they purchase.

This book is the most comprehensive account of how the ageing of the consumers’ minds, bodies and senses impacts all of the touchpoints in the customer journey. All facets of digital communications, product and channel design through to post sales support are affected.

Marketing to the Ageing Consumer provides companies with the tools and knowledge to profit from population ageing.

The book is written to complement the free iPad apps that can be downloaded from iTunes.

Rarely does a book receive glowing accolades from both prominent academics and from business leaders. One advertising network CEO said the book provided “A wealth of insights that the youthful communications industry needs to listen to and act on …”

In this video the authors explain why they wrote the book and what they intended to achieve.

Marketing to the Ageing Consumer is unique. Loaded with practical advice and examples, this book has become the essential guide for marketing practitioners to unlock the full potential of their ageing customers.