“I don’t see what you’re saying”

Half of people over 60 can’t read product labels properly, even with glasses. One third of them also suffer from hearing loss.

“I’m getting older but
you’re not keeping up!”

Every day more than 80,000 people turn 60.
Being Age-Friendly helps meet their needs

The World’s First

Evaluating your customer touch points through the prism
of ageing is your first step to becoming age-friendly.

Ageing customers
employees, citizens

Why exclude anyone? Being age-friendly benefits
young and old.

Can’t open it? Won’t buy it

Half of people over 65 struggle with product packaging.
And it really annoys them!


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Learn about being Age-Friendly, its critical importance and how to apply it.
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George MagnusSenior Economic Adviser, UBS Investment Bank, London
An important and innovate approach to show why and how companies should address the older consumer.
Chris Thomas Chairman & CEO, BBDO Asia, Middle East & Africa
A wealth of insights that the youthful communications industry needs to listen to and act on…

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