Age-Friendly Brands

The majority of brands rely on the loyalty of older consumers

The over 50s are sometimes called Boomers or Seniors, sometimes the Grey Market. Globally they are a force of over 1.5 billion people. In many developed markets that is 40% of the customer base.

Yet, we live in a world designed by younger people, for younger people. That’s not a criticism, it’s a fact.

Marketers who fail to respond to the evolving needs of their older customers will lose out to brands that do. The AF Brands app empowers marketers with unique know-how about the issues that affect older consumers.

Age-Friendly Old

Nobody wants to be reminded of their age

In this rapidly ageing world, the best and biggest brands will not limit themselves to specific age segments.

Regardless of age, people need to eat, dress, maintain their health and beauty. They want to travel, to learn and to be entertained.

Though customers may feel ‘forever young’ the physical effects of age will create challenges for the consumer and marketer that did not exist before. An age-friendly business must understand and accommodate the physical needs of older consumers in a way that is natural and beneficial for people of all ages.

The AF Brands app provides marketers a tool to help them benefit from this change.


AF Lifetime CX

Lifetime Customer Experience

Adults of all ages should be able to fully engage with a brand

Techniques such as NPS, VoC and mystery shoppers can help in improving the customer experience by evaluating and tracking the customers’ reaction to touchpoints. But they are by nature, reactive.

Creating an age-friendly customer journey begins at the design phase.

Uniquely, the AF Brands app is a predictive tool that can be used to evaluate the individual touchpoints of the customer journey throughout the development cycle. By anticipating potential barriers the customer experience can be adapted to be accessible to all adults.

The AF Brands app can be used independently or in conjunction with existing customer experience programmes to create Lifetime CX™ value.

The Customer Journey

Only as strong as the weakest link

The customer journey is no longer simple or linear.

However complex the journey its components must be age-friendly. This applies to all touchpoints whether they are digital, physical or human.

To ensure an effective customer journey it is essential to build a solid platform that is age-neutral. LifeTime CX provides that foundation.